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To do yourself justice at the cutting edge you need three things: commercial and business knowledge; technical and personal skills; strong relationships. The programme starts with a week of intensive introductory training to get you off to a flying start in all of them. Key elements are:

  • an introduction to Meggitt businesses, values and capabilities
  • a day in the life of a Meggitt engineer
  • the Meggitt Production System: what, why, when, who, where, how
  • a tour of a Meggitt factory
  • presentation, communication and leadership training
  • team building

During the programme, you’ll draw just as much support and insight from your fellow trainees as from your colleagues, mentors and managers. After a week with them—and a number of senior Meggitt leaders—you’ll have the foundations for your key relationships in place. You’ll know who to call when the going gets tough in the challenging months and years ahead.

The rotations: travel, research, deliver, repeat

At the start of the programme, our most senior engineers and operations experts will match your skills and interests with a challenging placement in the business. Your mission is to bring new thinking to our cutting-edge initiatives and combine the latest developments across our capabilities to unlock new potential—yours and ours.

During each placement, you’ll get the chance to learn about a Meggitt business from the top down. You’ll build up your networks and follow up on your interests. If you’re doing it right, your contribution will make a big difference to our business and you’ll grow professionally and personally as you travel the world and experience different cultures.

At the end of each placement, we’ll work with you to choose projects for the next one, balancing your ambitions with the requirements of the business. Here’s what to expect:

  • Four placements in total: three technical, at least one international, and one outside your core discipline—in strategy, for example, or sales and marketing or supply chain.
  • Custom challenges: each project is designed for you personally—to build on what you know and take your skills and your thinking to the next level.
  • Networking: an overused buzzword maybe, but an essential skill. We work with most of the biggest names in aerospace and energy. That means you’ll develop the relationships you need for an international career: thought leaders, academics, suppliers and customers.
  • Personal development: on top of the technical and professional, you’ll broaden your horizons personally as you travel and work in different countries. Many of our graduates say the close friendships they develop on the programme are one of the most valuable things about it.

Transition weeks: build your skills, crack tough business problems

For a week between each placement, trainees gather for another round of in-depth training in California or the UK at an engineering centre of excellence. Expect:

  • practical assignments on topical commercial and technical issues; working in small teams, you’ll collaborate remotely to prepare before the week starts and then brainstorm on site before evaluating your options and presenting your findings.
  • interactive training: Meggitt leaders will run workshops on key technical subjects (eg. Lean design, gas turbines or additive layer manufacturing) as well as commercial disciplines such as programme management and finance for engineers.

Fresh insight from graduates has inspired ideas and solutions that, so far, have generated enough revenue to pay for the whole graduate programme for the next ten years.

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Business placements

The programme alumni don’t just shape the future of our technology, they drive the whole business ahead. So whether you specialise in engineering or operations, one of your placements will focus on a commercial discipline such as:

  • business acquisitions
  • customer support and aftermarket
  • factory relocations
  • programme management
  • sales and marketing
  • strategy

Professional qualifications

As you progress through the programme, you’ll build up the knowledge, skills and experience you need to gain the most relevant professional qualification for your field— chartered engineer, for example. You’ll complete annual and quarterly reviews with an experienced mentor to help you build up your technical knowledge and master the discipline of analysing your performance, mapping progress, pinpointing areas for development and plotting your future— key skills that will continue to open doors for the rest of your career.

Fast-track careers, long term

Prove your worth during training and you’ll stay on the fast track, long-term. The mentoring from Meggitt leaders will continue and so will the opportunities to lead the cutting-edge international projects that are so critical to our future.

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