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Meggitt Aircraft Braking Systems

A global leader in aircraft wheels, brakes and braking control systems.


Mexico, Singapore, UK and USA


Business jets, commercial transport, fixed and rotary wing military aerospace.

Meggitt Control Systems

A leading supplier of pneumatic, fluid control, thermal management, fire protection and electro-mechanical equipment and sub-systems, and complete fire detection systems.


UK and USA


Commercial, military, regional, business and general aviation; military ground vehicles, marine and industrial energy and ground fuelling.

Meggitt Polymers & Composites

Global leaders in complex, composite structures, fuel containment, sealing solutions and ice protection.


China, Mexico, UK and USA


Civil and military, fixed and rotary wing aircraft; military fighting vehicles; nuclear, marine, heavy transportation; oil and gas sectors requiring our specialist technical polymers.

Meggitt Sensing Systems

A leading provider of high-performance sensing and condition-monitoring systems for civil and military aerospace, energy, laboratory measurement and space markets.


Brazil, Canada, China, Denmark, France, Germany, India, Switzerland, UK, Ukraine, USA and Vietnam


Civil aerospace: large, regional and business jets, general aviation and space; energy; military fixed wing and rotary aircraft, ships, missiles; medical; test and measurement.

Meggitt Equipment Group

Enables a set of strong, technologically distinct businesses to market their offerings to specialist customers, while benefiting from the wider Meggitt group’s investment in shared services and common processes.


Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Netherlands, Singapore, Vietnam, UAE, UK and USA


Air, land and marine target systems; automatic ammunition handling equipment; countermeasure launch and recovery systems; heat transfer equipment for off-shore oil and gas facilities and supercritical fluids; military electronics cooling systems.

Customer Services & Support

More than 67,000 aircraft in service today carry Meggitt parts. Our flexible, fast-moving service keeps them flying at the lowest possible operating cost. The goal is to provide technical support, new or used parts as well as maintenance, repair and overhaul before it’s needed.


500 people across 27 facilities in France, Singapore, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States.


Civil aerospace: large, regional and business jets, general aviation and space; ground fuelling. Defense: military fixed wing and rotary aircraft, ships, missiles; ground vehicles; countermeasure launch and recovery systems; military electronics cooling systems.

Group functions

Six centralised group functions work across the five divisions to shape strategy and deliver on our promises to customers, employees and shareholders.

Applied Research & Technology

To ensure we stay ahead, Meggitt Applied Research & Technology (AR&T) harnesses thinking from around the Group. Our centrally-funded team works with experts within each of our divisions, igniting collaboration across disciplines and capabilities to bring our most promising ideas to life.


Smart engineering demands the best in manufacturing. Built with the very best Lean tools and processes, the Meggitt Production System ensures that every one of us has the power and the responsibility to improve the way we work. MPS is the envy of our suppliers and customers but it’s still young. The opportunities for bright, ambitious minds to make it even better are literally endless.

Programme Management

Meggitt programmes are always complex, often cutting-edge and frequently run for decades. Our programme managers lead and integrate across the business managing thousands of actions and balancing conflicting demands to ensure our customers get precisely what they want, when they want it. Rigour, flexibility, technical know-how and a thorough understanding of business are essential.

Sales & Marketing

We make components for everywhere from the cockpit and the engines, brakes, doors and windows, right down to fire detectors and extinguishers. And that’s just for aircraft. Our chosen technologies lead in the defence, energy and medical sectors, too. The breadth of what we do offers a wide range of challenging roles, from selling complex, state-of-the-art systems to managing channel and distributor partnerships for more standard products.

Supply Chain

Every year, we use millions of products and services from thousands of suppliers all over the world. Can we get better ones? Can we get them faster? How do we get the best deal? For the right mind, aerospace procurement is the best puzzle in the world.


What do our customers need? Where can we create a competitive edge with intellectual property that can be protected? Are we structured in the right way? Are there merger or acquisition opportunities in the market? How can we improve performance and drive costs down? Continued success means finding the right answers to long-term strategic questions.

There’s scarcely an aircraft in service that does not carry our critical components and smart sub-systems.

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