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Take off with a global leader

Charlton Johns
Operations Graduate,
Meggitt Aircraft Braking Systems,
Akron, Ohio, USA

From ground level to 30,000 feet: mastering operations excellence with an aerospace leader

Ypatia Limniati
Operations Graduate,
Meggitt Aircraft Braking Systems,
Akron, Ohio, USA

Transition mission

Lauren Won
Graduate Engineer,
Meggitt Sensing Systems,
Fribourg, Switzerland

Challenging projects, brilliant engineers, bright prospects

Blaise Guélat
Graduate Engineer,
Meggitt Sensing Systems,
Tucson, Arizona, USA

Out of the lab, into the factory

Maxime Dempah
Director of AR&T and Engineering Services,
Meggitt Equipment Group,
Poole, UK

Onwards and upwards

As good as they said

Another new wave

Karl Elkjaer
Operations Excellence Leader,
Meggitt Sensing Systems,

Out of the future, on to a plane

Matthew Scovell
Graduate Engineer


Live from the frontline

The strength of small

Senior Engineer, Meggitt PLC

John, MEng Mechanical Engineering,
Brunel University, UK

Graduate Programme

“I stopped applying for other jobs when I heard about the Meggitt programme. The range of different disciplines in Europe, Asia and the Americas really stood out. Plus the learning modules on offer throughout the three years were exactly what I was looking for—detailed, comprehensive and bang up to date in terms of technology too.”

Scott, BSc Mechanical Engineering,
Stanford, USA

Graduate Programme

“Eight months in and I was asked to redesign a manifold valve for 3-D print. The interfaces were about the only thing that stayed the same! Now I’m helping to coordinate our research into additive layer manufacturing right across the whole group. If you like new technology as much as I do, the opportunities don’t come much better than that.”

Jeff , PhD Aeronautics,
California Institute of Technology, USA

Graduate Programme

“My PhD focused on fluid dynamics and we discussed at length in my interviews where I could best apply my research and experience. Before you start a career it’s hard to know where you’re going to fit best or what you’re going to find most interesting. The breadth of what Meggitt does combined with the rotations in the graduate programme give you an opportunity to explore that in a challenging but supportive environment.”

Jamie, MEng Aeronautics,
Southampton University, UK

Graduate Programme

“I applied to just two other grad schemes. Both gave two options: train to be a manager or a technical expert. But how can you know which way you want to go unless you get some hands-on experience? At Meggitt, you can take either direction, or move into a completely different area. I like to adapt as I learn so that this degree of flexibility is really important for me.”