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Pioneers in technology

Tomorrow’s jet engines will run hotter than ever. And as fans gets bigger, space inside nacelles is at a premium. An EU-funded consortium has been tasked with a 15% reduction. Our experts in thermal management—and young engineers on the programme—are playing a central role.

Breakthroughs include our volumetrically efficient heat exchanger, a new design for aerospace using Meggitt technology tried and tested in oil and gas.

To maximise heat transfer at very high temperatures, we chemically etch channels with highly complex geometries onto individual metal plates, laminated using diffusion bonding.

Unlike traditional plate-and-fin and shell-and-tube exchangers, our laminated heat exchanger design can be formed in more complex 3D shapes to make the best use of available space.

Factoring in apertures for pipework from other equipment and integrating other functions within a single component are planned for the prototype.

Pioneers in manufacturing

Meggitt is bringing Industry 4.0 to aerospace with a combination of smart tools and big data. We call it M4 and the first step in bringing it to life is an intelligent workbench.

Brainchild of Group Technology Director, Keith Jackson, and graduate engineer, Tom Newman, it was designed by Meggitt graduates on placement at the UK’s Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre.

With its flexible fixturing, laser projection and data capture, the workbench is already driving big gains in output, quality, repeatability and traceability.

  • laser and video guides show operators which parts to pick, place and fit in sequence
  • built-in cameras connect operators to experts for training and problem solving in real time
  • cameras keep detailed records throughout assembly, enhancing traceability and capturing ideas for improvement
  • research continues into integrating future technologies such as machine vision and smart glasses

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Pioneers in business

The Meggitt Production System (MPS) equips each of us with a set of tools to maximise performance and creativity wherever we work, streamlining our efforts from boardroom to factory floor.

So whatever your role, you’ll look for better ways of working each and every day. If your idea can be scaled up, we want you to test it out, spread the word and keep on improving it.

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